Van der Lem Bloemen.

Van der Lem Bloemen is a company based on the biggest flowerauction in the world; in Aalsmeer. At this auction the variety of flowers is the biggest, both import and flowers from Holland.

Director Arnold van der Lem and his team will see to it his customers receive the best service imaginable. Contact goes by telephone, e-mail and fax and makes sure the customer knows everything about today's market.

Van der Lem's buyers start early every morning at 5 o'clock to buy their flowers directly at the auction or off of importers. With this method Van der Lem Bloemen is more than capable to deliver flowers and plants with the right quality and price.

Customers also can buy online at any time. They can visit our 'webshop' and have a look at our stock. It is always divers and up-to-date.